About CoachingYouths.com
Our Mission

CoachingYouths.com is committed to providing quality programs and
resources to support the men and women that have chosen to make a
difference in the lives of America’s youth through coaching.
At CoachingYouths.com, you have found the resource site that provides
everything you need to conduct a successful and very rewarding season!  
No matter how you found us, or why you have chosen to be a volunteer
role model and mentor through coaching, we will be there to help you
every step of the way.

Why CoachingYouths.com is here
Because we love kids!  We want to share the knowledge, lessons, and
expertise we have developed through coaching youth athletics, year after
year; season after season!  

Because budgets are being slashed every year. Because there are fewer
sports and athletics programs available to America's youth.  Because
boys and girls of all ages have fewer opportunities to participate in team

That is why
CoachingYouths.com wants to help you to make the most of
the opportunities our young athletes do have.  We will help you to
maximize their development by providing you with coaching guides,
proven tools, and practice plans to teach critical skills and manage a
successful season.

CoachingYouths.com wants to thank you for choosing to be a volunteer,
a role model, a mentor, a teacher, a disciplinarian (sometimes), a friend,
and a coach for student athletes.  We are here to help YOU!
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