We had a wonderful season winning the championship tournament by 2 points. I had a
group of 6th grade girls and we averaged 45 points a game...  Go figure.

I used your plan, but had to be flexible because of the type of team and the setting. I was
coaching at a private school and we shared a gym with either the 7th grade girls or the 6th
grade boys. I usually had no warning as to which gym and how much space we had.  I
learned that flexibility with this group was the best and working on fundamentals and doing
drills that were competitive and fun worked best.

I felt more confident with your plan and I have recommended your site to others and will
continue to do so...

Thanks for being there,
Coach Branham

We had a very successful regular season. We finished 7-7 with 2 games snowed out that
we would have won easily, (two worst teams in the league).  For these kids though it was
the learning experience that meant the most. They learned to play as a team utilizing
several different offenses and defenses, including the 2-3 zone and the 2-2-1 zone press.
Many coaches made the comment that our press was one of the most effective that they
have seen in some time. We are getting geared up for the playoffs now and hope to make
a good run in it.

Coach  Mohlman

Coaching Youths.com,
I have really enjoyed the book that I purchased from you...  I would love to be able to
purchase more materials...
Coach Crow

I employed your system; however, I had to down-grade due to the skill level of my players.
The team had a successful season and hopefully the girls' can manage a play-off win this

I enjoyed the program and will use it next year.
Coach Diz

Season is going very well. I coach 2 teams and yes we are both in the playoffs... Your
manual was very helpful.

Coach Fullen

I found that for a first year coach the guide was very helpful.  The book allowed me to
initiate a play and then actually make adjustments to my players talents and understanding
of their positions.  I enjoyed having it as a guide and a point of reference to look back on...  
Thank you again for offering this book.  I'm sure I'll look to CoachingYouths.com in the
God Bless.
Coach Wisniewski

I haven't followed it (the book) as closely as I had hoped - but the advice and information
have proved invaluable.  I found the practice plans to be very helpful.  I coach 6th grade
girls basketball and am inexperienced; however, this year our team records are 4-2 and
6-0.  It feels good to be winning and I believe the attitude and approach you use in your
materials increased my confidence as a coach... I would recommend your materials to
others and am satisfied with my purchase.

Thank you,  A satisfied coach
Coach Hundt

I used most of what I purchased from you with great success.  Our league allowed only
man to man defense, so what I could use was limited by that.  We had a very good season,
the kids learned a lot.  I was very pleased with the guide, and would recommend it to
anyone working with youth basketball.

Coach Cannon
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