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2.  Developing Your Team Principles and      

Getting Started
Why are you here?
These are some of the many responses we get to this question.
·   Because my child is now entering sports and I used to play.
·   Because my child had a poor coach last season, and I can do better.
·   Because I love the personal gratification that comes from teaching children.
·   Because nobody else would volunteer.
·   Because I want to participate in my child’s life.

Where should I start?
Fortunately, you have already made one of the best possible moves by
CoachingYouths.com.  We know that you bring enthusiasm,
excitement, and more than your share of self-doubt.  Here at
CoachingYouths.com you will receive all the information and proven
techniques you need to overcome your doubts, to leverage your
enthusiasm and to develop and teach young athletes, and most of all,
to enjoy

Developing a program of success
The first important decision that you will make after deciding to coach
youth sports is how to set up your program.  Regardless of the sport,
the players’ age or gender, you must establish the foundational
aspects of your coaching style.  You must create the principles and
your relationship with your players.

CoachingYouths.com we strongly recommend that you develop a
program based on sound principles and a fundamental value system;
one that re-enforces the important aspects of your players’ lives.  The
majority of the teams you will be coaching are sponsored by either

·   Local city or town’s recreation department
·   Local YMCA, Boy’s or Girl’s Club
·   Religious organization, such as your church, or temple
·   Local school

Through the
CoachingYouths.com process you will employ the same
methods used by some of the most successful coaches in the
country.  These methods are applicable to all levels of competition,
from youth athletics all the way to the NCAA.
Getting Started…

1. Why are you here?

2. Where should you

3. How should you
keep from  embarrass-
ing yourself and your
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